VIP services

For more demanding clients who are looking for properties according to strict criteria and require individual and constant contact during the property search, we have created VIP Services.

The client will be personally looked after by the owner of Nieruchomości za Granica, Joanna Kaczyńska, who will take care of the client from the first conversation to the finalization of the purchase transaction. Based on the criteria provided by the client, individual offers will be searched for. It often happens that agents focus only on the offers they currently have.

However, in the case of VIP Services, offers from the entire real estate market, including those that are not currently on the market, will be presented. Depending on the chosen package, Joanna Kaczyńska can accompany the client to view the properties and negotiate the price and terms of purchase. We will take care of arranging lawyers, notaries, or legal advisors in the respective country. Individual property search requires a lot of time, and that is why we offer this package for clients who value personalized approach and time.

This offer is suitable for clients looking for apartments and villas, as well as investors looking for larger investments such as wineries, hotels, private islands, or commercial properties. To learn more about our VIP Services offer, please contact us via email: